We are the most efficient translation and interpreting company

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in providing quick and efficient services to companies, international organizations, institutions, and independent professionals in a variety of industries that require 100% reliable academic, scientific, marketing, and legal translation and interpreting.

We have the highest quality standards in the industry, translating highly specialized scientific documents efficiently and accurately. We boast the best acceptance record with COFEPRIS (Federal Commission on the Protection against Sanitary Risks) and we lead the industry in Mexico in scientific and pharmaceutical translation.

Our top-tier infrastructure and team of quality translator professionals allow us to meet the needs of the industry and our clients with high efficiency, adding value to their operations and increasing profitability for the projects in which we are involved.

Our services are:

  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Affordable

We use human translators for our culturally accurate translations. Our quick and efficient team of professionals is ready to work with your business on your next project.


Specialized Translation

Advanced translation in subject areas such as medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, legal, financial, and general

Our translators have broad experience in various subject areas. We have specialized teams for the following: General, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, legal, financial, and more recently, energy industry translation.

Our innovative process consists of many stages, including editing and proofreading by specialized translators and editors.

Linguists at Precise Global Translations are members of the American Translators Association (ATA), enabling us to access a large network of certified translators in the U.S. who specialize in nearly every language combination.

-Oil & Gas translation
-Scientific translation
-Legal translation
-Energy industry translation

Certified Translation

For legal procedures, personal and/or government processes, and regulatory affairs

Also known as Expert Approved Translation (Traducción con Sello de Perito), this is one of the key requirements for legal procedures, personal and/or governmental processes, and regulatory affairs in Mexico. Our expert translators are certified by the Federal Judicial Board (Consejo de la Judicatura Federal) or the Supreme Court of Justice (Tribunal Superior de Justicia), or are recognized by various countries embassies located in Mexico.


Simultaneous, consecutive, escort, and whispering

Simultaneous Interpreting: In this type of interpreting, interpreters transfer the speaker’s ideas, expressions, and emotions in a simultaneous manner. The audience hears the interpretation through our state-of-the-art transmitters without interrupting the speaker.

Consecutive Interpreting: This type of interpreting, as opposed to simultaneous, is when the speaker expresses his or her ideas and pauses for the interpreter to speak. In this case, the speaker hears the interpretation and must stop often for the interpreter.

Escort Interpreting: This service involves an interpreter escorting the client, and is generally used for one of two purposes (though not limited only to these).
The first is in business negotiations, discussions, dinners, and various other events where interpreters help to facilitate communication and offer full understanding between parties that do not speak the same language.
The second is accompanying a person who does not speak the local language throughout his or her visit, helping the person to learn cultural and historical information and facilitating communication with local individuals.

Whispered Interpreting: This service is generally provided for one or two people who may be at a conference or business meeting; the interpreters speak very quietly, almost whispering, interpreting everything that is being said. It is a discreet and specialized service that is commonly used for diplomatic, government, or executive negotiations; however, it may also be used for other purposes.

Specialized Services

Subtitling, dubbing, transcription, and voiceover

Specialized translations involve the use of various technologies and are widely used in media applications.

Subtitling: This is a translation/interpretation (of language and emotion) that is codified in written form and that generally appears on screen.

Dubbing: This involves interpreting language with a specific focus on emotions, helping the audience to connect with and have a full understanding of the language.

Transcription: This service involves transcribing what is heard in a courtroom, meeting, negotiation, audio file, or video into text form.

Voiceover: This technique is used in radio, television, movies, theaters, and live events; a voice is heard in the background but the person speaking is not seen. Voiceovers are commonly used for corporate videos, documentaries, and news reports.

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Daniela Herrero

Daniela Herrero


Daniela is heading the operations in the U.S. to meet our clients' demands while leading the team towards the expansion and fulfillment of the goals set for the company. Her many years of experience as a translator herself and her background in Business Management is the perfect mix for an ongoing success and growth of the company.

Lucia Rodriguez

Lucia Rodriguez

Sales Manager

Lucy’s main focus is to provide guidance to prospects and clients who are looking for translation and interpreting services based on their specific needs. She also guarantees immediate top-of-the-line service and a long-term win-win relationship with each client.

Limbert Carios

Limbert Carios

Fabiola Chavarria

Fabiola Chavarria

Project Manager

Diana Wade-Garcia

Mara Vanci

Mara Vanci

Doxael Avila

Doxael Avila

IT Coordinator

Veronica Hermida

Veronica Hermida

Expert & Certified Translator

Adela Garcia

Adela Garcia Lopez, MD

Medical Validator

As a physician, Dr. Garcia specializes in Hematology with over 30 years of experience in clinical research in pediatrics and as a specialist physician in various hospitals in Mexico. In addition to being a private doctor, she has over 10 years of experience validating medical


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