Certified Translation

Also known as Expert Approved Translation (Traducción con Sello de Perito), this is one of the key requirements for legal procedures, personal and/or governmental processes, and regulatory affairs in Mexico. Our expert translators are certified by the Federal Judicial Board (Consejo de la Judicatura Federal) or the Supreme Court of Justice (Tribunal Superior de Justicia), or are recognized by various countries' embassies located in Mexico.

Our team includes certified scientific translators and academic translators as well as other subject matter experts for each of the industries we work in.

At Precise Global Translations, we truly become partners with our clients in covering their language needs through a thorough and detailed workflow.
We also have an innovative intelligent process that involves tailoring each project to the client’s needs.
We know that each client’s demands, deadlines, requirements, and subject areas can vary. Our goal is to fulfill our agreements and commitments within the established time frame and with excellent quality.

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