Interpreting Services

Simultaneous Interpreting: In this type of interpreting, interpreters transfer the speaker’s ideas, expressions, and emotions in a simultaneous manner. The audience hears the interpretation through our state-of-the-art transmitters without interrupting the speaker. This service is perfect for interpreting for large events such as conferences, conventions, and large corporate meetings.

Consecutive Interpreting: This type of interpreting, as opposed to simultaneous, is when the speaker expresses his or her ideas and pauses for the interpreter to speak. In this case, the speaker hears the interpretation and must stop often for the interpreter.

Escort Interpreter: This service involves an interpreter escorting the client, and is generally used for one of two purposes (though not limited only to these).
The first is in business negotiations, discussions, dinners, and various other events where interpreters help to facilitate communication and offer full understanding between parties that do not speak the same language.
The second is accompanying a person who does not speak the local language throughout his or her visit, helping the person to learn cultural and historical information and facilitating communication with local individuals.

Whispered Interpreting: This service is generally provided for one or two people who may be at a conference or business meeting; the interpreters speak very quietly, almost whispering, interpreting everything that is being said. It is a discreet and specialized service that is commonly used for diplomatic, government, or executive negotiations; however, it may also be used for other purposes.

At Precise Global Translations, we truly become partners with our clients in covering their language needs through a thorough and detailed workflow.
We also have an innovative intelligent process that involves tailoring each project to the client’s needs.
We know that each client’s demands, deadlines, requirements, and subject areas can vary. Our goal is to fulfill our agreements and commitments within the established time frame and with excellent quality.

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