Specialized Services

Specialized translations involve the use of various technologies and are widely used in media applications.

Subtitling: Subtitling translation is an interpretation (of language and emotion) that is codified in written form and that generally appears on screen. A common example of a subtitling project is to translate video audio to subtitles.

Dubbing: Dubbing translation involves interpreting language with a specific focus on emotions, helping the audience to connect with and have a full understanding of the language.

Transcription: This service involves transcribing what is heard in a courtroom, meeting, negotiation, audio file, or video into text form.

Voiceover: This technique is used in radio, television, movies, theaters, and live events; a voice is heard in the background but the person speaking is not seen. Voiceovers are commonly used for corporate videos, documentaries, and news reports.

At Precise Global Translations, we truly become partners with our clients in covering their language needs through a thorough and detailed workflow.
We also have an innovative intelligent process that involves tailoring each project to the client’s needs.
We know that each client’s demands, deadlines, requirements, and subject areas can vary. Our goal is to fulfill our agreements and commitments within the established time frame and with excellent quality.

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