The best specialized certified translation you can get in Houston

Specialized Translation

Our translators have broad experience in various subject areas. We have specialized teams for the following: General, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, legal, financial, and more recently, energy industry translation.

Precise Global Translations’ Services include translation in the following languages:


Our innovative process consists of many stages, including editing and proofreading by specialized translators and editors.

We specialize in document translation services including:
- All medical records translation services
- Legal documents translation
- Scientific and technical translation
- Academic transcript translation
- And overall academic translation services

Precise Global Translations is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), enabling us to access a large network of certified translators in the U.S. who specialize in nearly every language combination.

-Scientific translation
-Legal translation
-Energy industry translationbr>
-Pharmaceutical industry translation

At Precise Global Translations, we truly become partners with our clients in covering their language needs through a thorough and detailed workflow.
We also have an innovative intelligent process that involves tailoring each project to the client’s needs.
We know that each client’s demands, deadlines, requirements, and subject areas can vary. Our goal is to fulfill our agreements and commitments within the established time frame and with excellent quality.

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